SKG Cleaning Services are Experts in Office Cleaning around Sydney

SKG commercial cleaning in Sydney

Commercial Cleaning

We provide basic daily tasks, such as washroom hygiene through to periodical cleaning, care of carpets, walls, ceilings, windows and even workstations – in fact we can look after every detail that relates to the cleaning of a commercial premise.

Retail cleaning in Sydney

Retail Cleaning

SKG provide professional cleaning services for the the retail industry ensuring that shopping centres, retail outlets and showrooms are always kept spic and span mainly around Sydney & Canberra.

Industrial cleaning in Sydney

Industrial Cleaning

SKG provides an extensive range of industrial cleaning solutions that are catered to handle every aspect of industrial plant and industrial equipment cleaning.

Our additional cleaning services in Sydney

Additional Services

SKG also provide additional specialised services, making SKG the smart choice when taking a holistic view to property maintenance.

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