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Keeping up with technology matters - but we're one commercial cleaner that takes this seriously.

Commercial cleaning is no longer a matter of hot water, a little detergent, a bucket, mop and elbow grease. The technological changes in equipment, processes and materials creates a turbulent and unnerving environment for all but the truly committed.

With the complex variety of materials and processes in use in commercial cleaning today, the challenges are many, and the price for getting it wrong can be significant. That price can end up being paid by everyone involved - directly and indirectly. It might cost you lost sales, reputation, or in the case of a chemical mistake, even a life.

The challenges are many, and the price for getting it wrong can be significant.

Choosing Technology-Wise Commercial Cleaning Companies

If cleaning companies do not stay abreast of changing technologies, and/or are not committed to professional development, they not only get left behind in the knowledge realm, but also in their selection and application of equipment.

From a money point of view, that usually means they take longer to do a lower quality job - and everyone gets hurt in that scenario.

However it isn’t just a question of counting the beans and deciding what standard is worth enduring to save a few dollars. When cleaning companies get this wrong, they can damage the appearance of your facility, or reduce the longevity and value of your facility elements (e.g.your walls, floors, furniture, equipment, fabric surfaces etc.). Such losses can be difficult to calculate, especially in light of the fact that you might not even realise it has happened.

In fact, based on the resources and professionalism of your cleaning services provider, they might not even know they got it wrong themselves.

For example:

  • As the use of clay materials, like porcelain and ceramic tiling increases, the application of urethane coatings means wear is reduced and cleaning methods change.
  • Concrete and terrazzo is increasingly being used (polished, stained, and densified) which is best maintained with diamond-impregnated floor pads.
  • Wood, stone, and rubber materials are increasingly common - even in commercial sites. Each can have unique complications.
  • Sustainability trends have brought us materials such as sea-grass, bamboo, and coir. These can be irreversibly damaged by water or chemical cleaning processes.

What does this mean in your world?

Consider these possible scenarios:

  • A wall, floor, furniture or fabric surface is not properly identified, meaning the wrong chemical is applied.
  • Residual chemicals are left by a cleaning provider and they react badly with a chemical used in your commercial processes (or vice-versa). The result could be a damage to stock, slow-accumulating illness or at worst, death.
  • A cleaning contractor does not identify the chemicals used in your daily production and does not follow SWMS (safe working method statements) procedures. As a result you find an unconscious (or dead) cleaner on your workshop floor when you open up the next morning. Chemical cocktails can be accidently created during the cleaning process and lax attitudes to technology and WHS can easily precede them.

If this sounds alarmist, sorry, but in an age of chemicals it is our reality. Any of these could result in your business facility or environment being damaged or devalued - or worse.

This challenge cannot be casually responded to … it’s just that most people (very understandably) don't think about it.

This is why we encourage you to use only professional cleaning companies that:

  • Stay abreast of changing methods,
  • Accurately identify the materials and processes present in your workplace,
  • Develop a clear plan of action to clean the surfaces, equipment and situations you have,
  • Ensure their cleaning staff use ONLY those treatments that are appropriate, and
  • Does this in a cost-effective and safe manner.

This challenge cannot be casually responded to. We find that when people consider this, it becomes immediately obvious; it’s just that most people (very understandably) don't think about it.

When you select a commercial cleaning company to service your facility, we recommend you go with one that demonstrates clear technological savvy. Check they meet standards relevant to the industry as a whole and comply with any specific standards relevant to your industry. There might be a lot riding on it.

SKG Cleaning Services can be relied on to not only do the work effectively, but also to do so expediently, affordably, safely and to a high standard. This is because we:

  • Work diligently at remaining abreast of the latests developments in materials, technology and techniques,
  • Invest in the proven equipment when developed, and
  • Train and accredit our staff regularly in the skills and awareness required.

In the end, this means better results at a better price - and that makes everyone a winner!

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