Sustainable Green Cleaning Solutions

Totally sustainable cleaning isn’t always possible, but we’ll take you as close to ‘green’ as you can go.

Our services are designed to keep your work environment clean and healthy, whilst utilising environmentally sensitive green cleaning processes on the journey.

We can provide you with a clean workspace and achieve it using earth-friendly practices and materials. It’s a blending of efficiency and ethical practice in which there are multiple winners - and the earth and future generations are included in that list. In the short term you’re pleasure will be real. In the longer term, you can rest easy and remember you played your part in creating a healthier world.

It’s a blending of efficiency and ethical practices that make SKG unique.

The goal of sustainable cleaning requires both wise application of techniques as well as materials usage.

Green practices

The effective use of energy and conservation techniques is critical in applying sustainable cleaning practices.

  • Wherever possible we use alternative energy or optimally efficient cleaning appliances and equipment. We combine these with workplace protocols designed to minimise wastage and optimise efficiency.
  • When floors are vacuumed or polished, garbage removed, walls washed, windows cleaned or surfaces treated, wherever possible, we keep the environment in mind.
  • Waste is gathered, separated and disposed of approprately to enable recycling and optimal disposal.
  • Using specialised filters we also work to minimise bacteria accumulation in vents, floorboards, storage and office areas. These are then, of course, disposed of appropriately. We remove the problem from you and don’t merely dump it somewhere else.

These might sound like minor issues and individually they contribute but only a bucket load to the ocean of responsible practices required for our greener world. However it is our contribution (and yours) and we will do what we can to preserve our beautiful planet.

If nothing else we feel better for it and you will too.

Through the use of 'green' chemicals we reduce your exposure to harmful toxins, creating a safer work space for your staff.

Green materials

Through the targeted use of green oriented chemicals and solutions, we seek to leave as small a ‘footprint’ as possible on our world and your workplace. Through the use of minimally invasive chemicals we reduce your immediate exposure to them, be it direct or indirect, thus creating a safer work space for all in the company.

This means there is less accumulated chemical, microbial and bacterial buildup. This benefits your employees health as well as your sick-day expenses in the immediate and longer term. In the even longer term, your environment and our future generations will thank you.

Green and clean

By adhering to a minimalist approach in waste management, the wise use of equipment, ongoing investments in sustainable resources and practices, as well as sensitive and deliberate green-conscious chemical usage, SKG Cleaning truly delivers green cleaning.

Your office will not just sparkle but you will have the peace of mind that comes with having invested in a sustainability conscious green cleaning service. Together, we will reduce the potential footprint your business contributes to the environment, as well as reducing the presence of toxic substances that can sicken your staff and profitability.

Our environmentally-sensitive cleaning policies create a workspace that is not just aesthetically clean, but is also globally contributive and ethically responsible. That brings it’s own good feeling and satisfaction.

To learn more, phone us on 1800 88 55 88, or complete the form below. We look forward to working with you!

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