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SKG as Your Cleaning Company? Here's Why!

Cleaning companies often look the same on the outside but in reality they vary significantly.

SKG Cleaning has serviced many clients for more than 10 years and some for 20 years plus - across both private and government sectors. These include Westfield, BHP, the RTA (now RMS), Target, Knox, CSIRO and Ingham Chickens, just to name a small selection. There are good reasons why such careful and successful organisations have selected and in many cases retained us for significantly extended periods! 

It isn't just a question of size. Even the largest of organisations can get sloppy in their procedures. So how do you tell the difference between the ordinary, the O.K. and the extraordinary? Everyone will rank the list differently, but we propose the following list as a guide.

For a variety of reasons, we suggest you should find a cleaning company that:

  • Follows exhaustive quality assurance and quality control protocols,
  • Uses current and leading edge technology,
  • Is award winning and industry acknowledged,
  • Assesses and quotes free of obligation or cost,
  • Provides nation-wide service delivery,
  • Is well established and secure,
  • Follows sustainable practices, and
  • Provides affordable rates.

SKG Cleaning Services (Pty Ltd) is a superior quality cleaning company that will help you and your workspace shine.

We have learnt through experience to deliver at a meritorious level. Both our industry awards and clients speak clearly to this.

Exhaustive quality assurance and quality control protocols

That all-important first impression matters. When clients and customers enter your workspace, the sense of confidence and pleasure you seek does not happen by accident. Cleanliness is one of the most significant factors that contributes to that sense.

Quality assurance are the procedures that contribute to quality. Quality control are checks and evaluations made when the job is completed. We are committed to both!

Our specialist skills and experience includes cleaning commercial offices, retail centres, industrial sites, schools, government buildings and more. We have worked in highly exacting environments and for clients with highly detailed specifications. We have learnt through experience to deliver at a meritorious level. Both our industry awards and clients speak clearly to this.

Current and leading edge technology

When you hire a cleaning company, you expect them to not only do the work effectively, but to do it expediently and to a high standard. We work diligently at remaining abreast of the latest developments in materials, technology and techniques and we invest in the proven equipment when it is developed. In the end, this means better results at a better price and everyone's a winner!

Award winning and industry acknowledge

We continue to rate highly in award rankings, and we look forward to another ‘Gold’ in the not too distant future.

Our professional approach has been acknowledged and awarded. These awards include:

BSCAA Cleaner of the Year 2014 - Commercial Site
BSCAA Cleaner of the Year 2014 - Industrial Site

We continue to rate highly in award rankings and we look forward to another ‘Gold’ in the not too distant future. These annual industry awards are a highly competitive affair.
Our staff also regularly ‘clean up’ at the annual awards. Our family values, vision and commitment for service delivery, continual improvement and values shine through all our team. We train, lead, supervise and look after our staff. Our staff are loyal and committed, and that means benefits for you.

Quoting and consulting free of obligation or cost

Your peace-of-mind journey begins with a painless and free scoping service.

An SKG representative will meet with you to discuss your cleaning needs, inspect your site, identify any special instructions and appreciate your overall goals. This includes any issues that you may have and any specific area focuses. With a thorough understanding of what you need, we can accurately quote, as well as establish the level of understanding required for an effective client to cleaning company relationship.

Once your needs are thoroughly understood, we will assemble both a cleaning package and quote that meets your requirements. You can review the quote, request adjustments or ask questions - all without cost or obligation.

Nation-wide service delivery

SKG is a family owned company, founded in 1977, we have now grown to a place where we proudly operate Australia wide. We have developed the resources and coverage capability to service all the major cities of Australia as well as most regional centres.

Well established and secure

As a highly regarded Australian cleaning company, we care about our reputation and standards. This includes consistency and security.

In 1977 Steve and Kathy Manoussakis began to change the way commercial cleaning services were perceived. They raised standards and did so at a competitive rate. Perhaps most importantly, they put their customers first and that has been the SKG way ever since.

As a result, we bring to your workspace nearly four decades of commercial cleaning excellence. We are not only committed to a high standard of quality and service but we also have a proven track record of exemplary delivery. When you choose SKG Cleaning Services you’re investing in both intention and proven delivery.

We also have a deep rooted belief in corporate social responsibility. This means we have a fantastic team which is steeped with integrity, a strong work ethic and is customer service oriented. You can be assured that SKG Commercial Cleaning Services will work in partnership with you every step of the way to ensure that we manage your business needs.

Sustainable practices

Total sustainability isn’t always possible, but we’ll make your cleaning experience as ‘green’ as we can. Our services are designed to keep your work environment clean and healthy while utilising environmentally sensitive processes.

Through minimalist approaches to waste management, clever use of equipment, the pursuit of sustainable work practices, as well as green-conscious chemical usage, SKG Cleaning truly is a green-conscious cleaning company.

Cleanliness, hygiene, performance and peace of mind: we aim to deliver both the outcomes and the feelings.

Affordable rates

With competitive pricing and a professional service guarantee, SKG delivers real time and cost savings compared to any other cleaning company. We do the market research and adjust our rates accordingly to ensure that we give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Your seamless service solution

In a competitive marketplace, we understand the importance of providing outstanding service to our clients.

We are a client focused, quality pursuing, seamless cleaning company. We provide a total cleaning solution for our clients that requires commitment, systems and most importantly - heart! We care about our clients and we care about our staff - this is what makes us thrive!

With exhaustive QA and QC protocols, leading edge technology, sustainable practices, nation-wide service delivery, affordable rates and a record of award wins and industry acknowledgement, you really can be assured that your investment is a wise one.

To enjoy the benefits of our well established and experienced services, request a free quote and consultation by completing the form on this page, or calling us direct on 1300 88 55 88.

We exceed expectations!

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