The History

oldphotoCommercial cleaning specialists since 1977, SKG was founded by Steve and Kathy Manoussakis when they saw a need for improvement in the cleaning industry. Steve and Kathy were pioneers of their time. They changed the way that commercial cleaning services were perceived by raising the cleaning standards and providing them at a competitive rate. SKG always put their customers first and go out of their way to ensure that service expectations are met and exceeded each and every time.

SKG continually strive to be at the forefront of new cleaning applications, especially environmentally friendly cleaning, improved technology and cleaning machinery, system improvements and methods. SKG Staff are certified for Green Cleaning. We are always looking for ways to ensure that our customers shine through our excellent commercial cleaning services.

Another important ingredient in ensuring our customers satisfaction is the art of listening and communication. SKG makes it a priority to ensure that our customer is heard and that their cleaning services are tailored to their specific requirements. It is because of this attention to detail and care, coupled with the ability to build long term sustainable business relationships that our customers continue to utilise our services year after year. In an industry where loyalty to the supplier is not so commonplace. We have serviced many of our clients for over 10 and 20 years in both the private and government sectors!

SKG has served a wide range of clients since our inception, including Westfield, BHP and RTA. Some of our current clients include Target, Knox, CSIRO and Ingham Chickens. Our family values and standards are shared throughout the organisation and it is because of this, coupled with  our vision and commitment for service delivery, continual improvement and value add to our clients that SKG has not only kept a large number of our original clients, we have grown from strength to strength.



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