Leading Provider of Commercial Cleaning Services in Brisbane serving throughout Queensland

SKG offers award-winning commercial cleaning services in Brisbane and the rest of Queensland. Our incredible expertise and close relationships with our clients allows us to provide a service that no other commercial cleaning companies in Brisbane can match. With us, you get an incredible cleaning every time.

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning services in Brisbane and Queensland, including:

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning services in Brisbane including:

SKG operates unique processes that benefit anyone looking for commercial cleaning in Brisbane. Try us today and experience the difference for yourself.

How SKG Provides Commercial Cleaning in Brisbane, Queensland

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SKG provides commercial cleaning in Brisbane and throughout Queensland, including Townsville, Gold Coast, Cairns, and Mackay.

We follow a unique process that allows us to continually monitor and improve our operations. We offer the most consistently excellent commercial cleaning services in Brisbane.

Finding high-quality commercial cleaning services in Brisbane is a tremendous challenge. However, with us, you get access to consistent and quality cleaning services every time. Our processes are self-correcting, meaning that we’re able to identify problems and address them before they become a cause for concern.

Why Choose SKG Commercial Cleaning?

There are all kinds of reasons why you should choose SKG Commercial Cleaning in Brisbane. These include:

Forty Years Of Experience

Our team has more than forty years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry. In that time, we’ve built a tremendous repertoire of skills that allow us to provide commercial cleaning services in Brisbane in practically any situation.

Comprehensive Service List

At SKG, we believe that commercial cleaning companies in Brisbane need to provide a broad range of cleaning services to eliminate the need for customers to liaise with multiple agencies – something that can make your administration complex. That’s why we provide a complete set of commercial cleaning services including everything from workstation cleaning to recycling. With us, there’s no need to go to anyone else.

Award-Winning Cleaning Services

SKG offers award-winning commercial cleaning in Brisbane. BSCAA gave us their coveted Cleaning Company of the Year Award.

Full Range Of Industry Certifications

SKG comes ready-made with a full range of relevant industry certifications and standards to its name. These include:

These qualifications mean that we’re able to operate in practically any commercial, retail or industrial environment.


What Is The History Of SKG Cleaning Company?

The founders of SKG established the modern incarnation of the company in 1997, building on a family cleaning business. Over the years, word got out about the quality of our services, and organizations began using us to clean their premises throughout Brisbane and the rest of Queensland. Our professionals work in industrial plants, offices, retail outlets, and government buildings.

How Comprehensive Is SKG’s Commercial Cleaning?

At SKG, we believe in offering a comprehensive commercial cleaning service in Brisbane so clients don’t have to go anywhere else.

Our service, therefore, includes:

As we work in partnership with you, our cleaning services adapt to your specific needs and circumstances.

What Industrial Cleaning Services Does SKG Offer?

SKG offers a range of industrial cleaning services, designed for firms that rely on heavy plant and equipment. Thanks to their vast expertise, our commercial cleaners in Brisbane are able to clean your equipment sensitively and in accordance with your maintenance schedules.

What Makes SKG Employees So Special?

At SKG, we understand that the quality of cleaning services is only as good as the people providing them. That’s why we carefully consider everyone we hire for our team. Our professionals are invariably people with life-long cleaning experience and who love their line of work. We apply high standards at every level in the company, from senior management onwards.

Unlike some commercial cleaning companies in Brisbane and the Queensland area, we invest heavily in the professional development of our colleagues. Nobody is more committed to ensuring cleanliness and hygiene at your premises than us.

What Retail Cleaning Services Does SKG Offer?

SKG offers comprehensive retail cleaning services designed to ensure that your store looks its best during trading hours. With us, you can arrange bespoke cleaning schedules to fit around your requirements. Speak with us to find out more.

What Other Services Does SKG Offer?

While we’re known for our award-winning commercial cleaning services in Brisbane, SKG also offers a range of other services, including handyman services, gardening and landscaping, server room subfloor cleaning, pest control, and building maintenance.

If you’d like to upgrade your commercial cleaning services in partnership with SKG, then call our friendly team today to arrange a consultation.

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